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    Lukas Kristjanson

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    Veteran writer at BioWare since Baldur’s Gate

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    Lukas has worked as a writer at BioWare since the original Baldur’s Gate was released back in 1998. He served as a lead writer on the first Baldur’s Gate, and continued to be a part of the core writing team for the second game Baldur’s Gate 2, where Drew Karpyshyn took the reins as lead writer. He would go on to work on most of BioWare’s output such as Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire as well both the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series where he would shuffle around between sequels for each.

    On KOTOR 1 he is responsible for writing the story on the planets such as Taris, Kashyyk, Manaan, Korriban and Tattooine. He was responsible for writing Joker in the first two Mass Effect games where he then moved on to Dragon Age Inquisition after working on Mass Effect 2. He also co-wrote Kaidan in ME1 as well as the characters Jacob and Grunt in Mass Effect 2. He also did the writing for the story on Feros and Virmire, the latter being a particularly notable part of the first Mass Effect game.


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