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    Luke Smith

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    Former news editor for, podcaster and currently a designer with Bungie Studios.

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    Luke Smith was a journalist who formerly worked for Kotaku and then became news editor at, where he achieved great internet fame as a member of the 1UP Yours podcast. Smith was infamous for his love of both Microsoft and Halo and was often called a fanboy by his peers and readers alike. However Luke's love of Halo was often displayed publicly by the man himself, including a blog post in which he calls Halo his Mario, he also goes on to say "the Halo franchise is probably the only franchise in gaming that I care about".

    As a journalist, although notorious for his "fanboy-esque" love of Halo, he was also known as a notoriously harsh and frank journalist, and thus was described as by Joystiq as "an honest writer and a fearless interviewer and, though a polarizing figure in many respects, he was a games journalist, and one of the few you could apply that title to without cracking a smile."

    In April 2007, Luke Smith joined Bungie Studios, initially as the writer responsible for the "Bungie Weekly Update" and other articles. For Halo: Reach, Luke Smith shifted over to a design position, working on elements of the game directly, most notably the cR customization system. Previously he worked as the lead raid designer on Destiny first raid Vault of glass, then worked as the design lead for the taken king expansion.

    Currently Luke serves as one of the lead designers for Destiny 2.

    Luke Smith created and hosts the often inconsistently timed Bungie Podcast.

    Along with Halo, Luke has also expressed love for Elite Beat Agents, Mega Man, Viva Pinata, and World of Warcraft--he is one of the few in the world to hold the Scarab Lord title.

    Luke Smith's Gamertag is TJ Scoot, and his username is "lukems".


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