Lula 3D

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    Lula 3D is an adult video game. It was published and developed by CDV Software.

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    It is available only on PC and was released June 22, 2005 and is the first truly "full" 3D Rendered Lula Game.

    The games story revolves around Lula, a porn actor who is ready to start a new movie. Unfortunately before the shoot can start, the girls she planned on doing the movie with are kidnapped. The game then follows her journey across various places in the United States to find them.

    The Game

    The game is full 3D and features mediocre graphics. The main gameplay is from a 3rd person perspective, and controls are basic. Standard W, A, S and D keys control movement, and mouse rotates the character. The game itself doesn’t feature any exciting action elements as may be seen in other 3rd person games. Instead, the game follows a 'go find an item, bring it back' system that then uses an inventory system similar to Monkey Island (only on a much more basic level).

    The game does feature numerous puzzles, however most are orientated around adult scenarios. Some puzzles require Lula to show certain parts of her body, such as her breasts, and some require her to perform fellatio or other sex based actions in order to progress.

    History and Features

    The Lula series and the concept of such, was developed by CDV Software Entertainment, a German company. Frustrated with the censorship in video games at the time, CDV created Lula to bridge the gap of censorship commonly found in games such as Leisure suit Larry. They wanted to create a character who could freely expose herself.

    The game featured a heavy use of motion capture technology for most scenes, mainly the sex based ones. The game also makes a big deal of (see front cover) "Bouncin' boobs technology". Similar to that of the Dead or Alive series, female characters breasts wobble unusually often.


    Most critics shared the same point of view. Either the game was too juvenile, or that quality control was seemingly non-existent, as the game featured too many bugs and glitches to be classed as enjoyable.

    Another widely accepted point of view was that the game featured a lack of good humour, and instead the shock factor was the only thing getting the game through to release, however technical difficulties prevented even this from happening properly.

    Lula 3D received a 28% and a 24.60% from review websites Metacritic and GameRanking

    PC System Requirements


    -Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz, 256 MB RAM,

    -T&L-compatible graphic card 64 MB (e.g. GeForce),

    -DVD-Rom, 2.5 GB free disk space


    -Pentium 2 GHZ, 512 MB RAM,

    -T&L-compatible graphic card 128 MB (e.g. GeForce),

    -DVD-Rom, 2.5 GB free disk space


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