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Even for a yordle, Lulu had always been a bit odd. Her vivid imagination and playful nature meant she would often grow bored of the goings-on in Bandle City, instead driving her to explore the forests around the busy yordle capital. It was here that she met a fae spirit named Pix, who lead her to the Glade, a fae realm where physical properties like color or size would change and distort at a moment's notice. Naturally, Lulu felt very much at home in this marvelous new world, losing track of time while playing exciting games with her new friend.

She was so enamoured that it came as a shock to her when memories of her old life slowly came back to her, as everything beyond her current life seemed like a distant dream. Deciding to revisit her former home, it came as a surprise to her that apparently even time didn't behave as it did outside the Glade. Everything around her had changed and centuries had passed while she was gone.

Trying to return to a normal yordle life proved tough for Lulu. In an effort to make friends, she invited all the children to play hide and seek, spicing up the game by turning everyone into flowers and critters using the fae magic she had learned. While the children certainly enjoyed their adventure, their parents were less appreciative of Lulu's efforts, insisting that she should leave. Wandering the lands with her companion Pix, she eventually joined the League of Legends in hopes that her wonderous talents would be more appreciated here.

(Note: The League of Legends has since been erased from the game and as such does not exist in the lore anymore.)


While Lulu was primarily designed to work in a supportive role within the game, her versatile set of abilities meant she would also quickly be picked up as a dedicated mage and can (in less serious games) even be seen in the marksman position. While her damage output as a mage is limited, she can provide a lot of crowd control and shielding for her team, protecting fragile high-value members from certain death.


Pix, Faerie Companion (Passive): Pix assists Lulu in combat, firing three small bolts at her target whenever she uses a basic attack. Pix' projectiles can however be blocked by other enemies.
Glitterlance: Lulu and Pix each fire a long magic bolt towards a location, dealing damage to all enemies hit and slowing them. A unit can only be hit by one bolt at a time.
Whimsy: When cast on an ally, Lulu gives him or her bonus movement speed for a few seconds. Targeting an enemy will polymorph her victim into a small animal for a short time, silencing and slowing them while also rending them unable to attack.
Help, Pix!: Send Pix to a targeted ally or enemy unit for a short duration. Allies will gain a temporary shield and Pix' passive bolts will trigger on the basic attacks of the ally he is protecting. If cast on an enemy, Pix will deal damage to them and reveal them for the duration.
Wild Growth: Lulu enlarges herself or an allied champion, giving them a large amount of bonus health and knocking up any enemies around them. While the spell lasts, enemies around the target are also slowed.


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