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    A Guardian to Yuna from the very beginning of Final Fantasy X, Lulu is a Black Mage who uses various magical spells in combat. She deals minimal physical damage with a small magically animated doll.

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    Lulu in FFX
    Lulu in FFX

    Lulu was raised in Besaid Island along with Wakka and his younger brother, Chappu after her parents were killed by Sin when she was five years old. The three of them grew up on the island together and eventually, Lulu and Chappu began a romantic relationship together. However, when Chappu suddenly decided to join the Crusaders so that he could make the world safer for Lulu, he gets killed in an operation against Sin near Djose. Lulu eventually finds out that Luzzu, a friend of Chappu's and a fellow Crusader was the one that convinced him to join the Crusaders. She also learns that Chappu was intending to propose to Lulu when he come back to Besaid Island. Wakka also finds out the truth about his brother from Luzzu and punches him and he states that Lulu hit him too when he told her. Lulu was a guardian previously before Yuna set out on her pilgrimage to two other summoners whose journey was cut short before they reached Zanarkand. The first summoner that Lulu guarded was Lady Ginnem whom she guarded by herself but due to her youth and inexperience, Lulu was unable to prevent Ginnem dying in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth while trying to acquire the aeon, Yojimbo. Ginnem's death affected Lulu quite severely and she carried a tremendous amount of guilt over her death because Ginnem's soul became unsent until Yuna started her pilgrimage. The second summoner that Lulu guarded with Wakka was Father Zuke whose pilgrimage ended in the Calm Lands as he decided not to continue forward.

    Final Fantasy X

    When Yuna (whom Lulu cares for as a younger sister) decided to become a summoner, Lulu was reluctant at first but eventually agreed to become her guardian along with Wakka and Kimahri. Lulu is very protective of Yuna but also respects the decisions that she made as she knows that it was Yuna’s own choice to become a summoner. The party travel to Kilika along with Tidus, a man who claims he is from Zanarkand and bears a strong resemblances to Chappu. Lulu does not believe his claim about him coming from Zanarkand but still offers help and advice about Spira.

    After Yuna manages to obtain the aeon Ifrit at the Kilika Temple, the group makes travels to Luca where the blitzball tournament is taking place. While in Luca, Yuna gets kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches so that the Besaid Aurochs would lose their match against them. Lulu, along with Tidus and Kimahri manage to find and rescue Yuna and the Aurochs with their very first match in twenty-three years. They also meet Auron, who decides to become one of Yuna’s guardians as well. The team travel through the Mi’hen Highroad to Mushroom Rock Road, where they manage to get involved with Operation Mi’hen so that they can get to Djose Temple. When they arrive at Djose, Yuna obtains her aeon, Ixion and they continue on to Guadosalam.

    While there, Seymour Guado asks Yuna to marry him of which she agrees. Lulu supports the marriage as it would give the people of Spira something nice to talk about and it would also further the relationship between Guado and humans. However, Lulu comments that she would like Yuna to marry for love, but not for her to marry the one she loves, knowing full well that it is Tidus. The team carry on with their journey to Macalania, where they fight and defeat Seymour after learning that he murdered him own father. They manage to flee from the Guado after they chase them and become trapped under the ice where Yuna is kidnapped yet again by the Al Bhed and the taken by the Guado.

    Lulu during Yuna's final speech
    Lulu during Yuna's final speech

    Lulu and the other go to Bevelle to save her, but they get caught and get put on trial for treason but manage to escape and save Yuna again. They carry on with the pilgrimage and come across Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, where Lulu decides to face her painful memories of the death of Lady Ginnem. They find her unsent form and Lulu fulfils her last duty as a guardian and ensures that her sprit departs peacefully to the Farplane. The group finally reach the ruins of Zanarkand where they discover the truth about Yevon and defeat Yunalesca. Lulu is quick to adjust to the truth faster than some of the other believers, particularly Wakka.

    The group come up with a plan to take Sin head-on and get inside the monster and defeat its core, Yu Yevon. Lulu fights along with the other guardians and protects Yuna until the very end. After Sin is destroyed, Tidus fades away and Lulu waves goodbye to him as he fades and leaps off the end of the airship. She attends Yuna’s speech at the Luca Stadium and falls in love with Wakka six months after and they marry.

    Final Fantasy X-2

    Lulu in FFX-2
    Lulu in FFX-2

    In Final Fantasy X-2, two years after Yuna's pilgrimage Lulu and Wakka are now married and she is pregnant with his child. She stays out of the events in game due to her pregnancy but warns Yuna to beware of those who would use her status as a High Summoner to their advantage. When fiends pour out of the Besaid Temple, Lulu explains how the village has dealt with the attack and tells Yuna that the villiagers would feel better knowing Yuna was home. At the end, Lulu finally gives birth to a baby boy who Wakka names Vidina, the Al Bhed word for future. She also seen on the Besaid Beach with Vidina when Yuna and Tidus reunite with each other at the end of the game.

    Appearance and Personality

    Lulu does not fit the traditional description of Final Fantasy black mages. Lulu wears a dress with multiple belt-buckles, low-cut with fur, giving a clear view of a very well-endowed bosom. Her hair is tied up in a knot with multiple braids in it. Indeed, she comes closer to a gothic-like appearance, similar to Paine from Final Fantasy X-2. Lulu is very stern and sometimes comes across as bitter but she really tells things as they are. She can be scathing, particular towards Wakka and she does not smile very often. However, under her hard exterior lies a kind-hearted and caring person who is very intelligent and is one of the few Yevon believers who easily question the Yevon religion.


    Lulu's black magic and skills are generally limited to her sphere grid section, however, like all Final Fantasy X characters, she can break into other sections, ultimately learning all available spells. And with her already high magic, she stands to be a great white or black mage. Her Black Magic includes ("*" = usable with her Overdrive):

    • Fire*
    • Blizzard**
    • Thunder**
    • Water*
    • Watera*
    • Waterga*
    • Bio*
    • Demi*
    • Death*
    • Drain*
    • Osmose*
    • Flare*
    • Ultima (in Kimahri's section of sphere grid)*

    There are also some key special abilities that are useful for Lulu. They are:

    • Focus - raises magic and magic defense
    • Doublecast - cast 2 Black Magic spells in a row
    • O


    Lulu's Overdrive ability, Fury, is akin to an upgraded Doublecast, where Lulu get a gauge, the player rapidly rotates the right analog button clockwise in the given time limit, and Lulu will cast whichever spell was selected the amount of times you raised your number to. This comes in useful with Flare or Ultima, her strongest spells. Reaching multiple rotations becomes easier by raising her magic stats.

    Lulu's weapons are generally little dolls, which are magically powered to mimic her movements when casting a spell, or to go and attack the enemy, leaving Lulu to wait for it. Her strongest is the doll, The Onion Knight. It is powered fully by the Venus Crest and Sigil. It's power is dependant on how close her MP gauge is to it's max.

    Other Information

    • Lulu is voiced by Paula Tiso in English and Rio Natsuki in Japanese.

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