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    A person who cuts down trees for a living. Typically portrayed as incredibly manly, almost always sporting a beard and flannel clothing.

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    Although the idea of logging has existed since not long after humans invented tools, the concept of a lumberjack is a much more recent invention. Beginning use in the 1800s, the term lumberjack referred to a stereotype of loggers as being loud, unruly, and incredibly strong. Since then the term has expanded and shifted following the popularization of lumberjack folk tales, although the term has also become widely used as a synonym for logger.

    Although logging has changed significantly since the birth of the lumberjack, the stereotype remains a semi-prominent fixture of writing, especially stories originating from the United States and Canada. As well, some people continue to idolize the lumberjack, with some going as far as to mimic the stereotypical lumberjack appearance of heavy boots, flannel clothing, and a thick, bushy beard.


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