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Lumbridge is a small town near the River Lum, the second largest river in the world of Gielinor. To the west is Draynor, to the south is Lumbridge Swamp, to the north is Varrock and to the east is Al Khirid. It is the starting zone for any new Runescape players and also the first town encountered in RuneScape Classic.
Lumbridge contains a General Store, a Fishing Store, a Castle, a Church, an Axe Store, a Furnace and a few Training Dummies and various other buildings. Lumbridge also has a Bank on the third floor of its castle. It is also the default respawn point for any non-members. Members can otherwise choose a variety of other respawn points depending on the quests they have completed. It is also worth noting that Lumbridge is full of in-game NPCs who act as guides towards any new players and will advise them on gameplay mechanics.

Runescape Tutorial

The Runescape tutorial is also set in a building cellar located in Lumbridge where you help Sir Vant defeat a three-headed dragon that has been terrorising him. The previous tutorial was formerly on Tutorial Island but now, that area is defunct.

Ingame Quests started in Lumbridge

Several quests and mini-quests start in or around the Lumbridge area, including:
  • Cook's Assistant
  • Sheep Shearer (formerly a quest but now a mini-quest.)
  • Myths of the White Lands
  • Rune Mysteries
  • The Restless Ghost
  • The Blood Pact
  • Recipe for Disaster (Members Only)
  • Buyers and Cellars (Members Only)
  • The Lost Tribe (Members Only)

Achievement Diary

The Lumbridge and Draynor Achievement Diary may be started by talking to Explorer Jack, although it is worth noting that the tasks contained in this Achievement Diary are focused around both the Lumbridge and Draynor areas. This is currently the only Achievement Diary with Beginner tasks, no Hard tasks, and the only Diary available to non-member players.

Extra information

The names of Lumbridge and the River Lum are most likely a reference to the town of Cambridge (Where Jagex was formed and is currently situated) and the River Cam (A river flowing through Cambridge.)

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