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Lume review - Promising start if tad short

Lume is indie adventure game developed by State of Play which consists of two British gentleman. The game was nominated for Excellence in Visual Art at this years (2012) IGF Awards, loosing to Dear Esther.

Lume tells a short story of girl named Lume is visiting his puzzle-obsessed grandfather. No, this doesn't take place in Professor Layton or Scoggins. But might as well. Lume is main objective is simply to restore power in grandfathers house. This is done by number related puzzles as well as few inventory based puzzles.

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No doubt the visuals is the high point here. Presentation is very unique. Looking like a real live miniature toy set world. With a real cardboard background and Lume character. Actually, based on the videos at developer you can see the process and cardboard house used. The art-style itself is reason enough for one to experience this. Music is equally fitting the charming for the toy like world. Together these manage to relay unique atmosphere which quite different to traditional adventure game or any other game for that matter.

Lume is rather short, in fact it consists of only 10 puzzles or so and some traditional adventure game like exploring. Length of completing the game varying from 30min to 2h. Depending on ones puzzle solving skills naturally. The puzzles itself bear comparison more to Escape-game types than traditional adventure game puzzles. Meaning slightly on the obscure sides where a number combination must be taken deducted and used in completely different place, a locks mostly. Especially one certain combination number puzzle that required very unusual and somewhat complex solution.

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Lume is supposed to be part of episodic based series, but there has not been any news about sequential episodes. This is a Flash based game that can be completed in 30mins and have really no reason for 2nd playthough might be not enough for the asked price tag of. Game was featured on Indie Royal recently which justify the price tad more, unfortunately. Charming, but lot of content.

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