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Lumines Review

Lumines is one of those puzzle games that once you figure out the game you are addicted to. Of course once you are addicted to it you have those monumental moments of frustration, but you can't put the game down.This was pretty close to a launcg title for the PSP, if not one. The simplicity of the controls and the rules made it accessible to many different people.

The graphics were too much to stare at, but this game didn't have to be graphically intensive. The different icons that you could setup for your character, the change in color of the blocks, and the change in background was sufficient for this title to draw a gathering.

The music was mostly techno but its beats kind of went along with the game so I think even non-techno people could get past the music.

The controls were probably the easiest thing about the game hold on to your X button, and your directional keys and you were set.

Overall this game probably could have had some more stuff, but it did have a true puzzle mode (which you had to make certain patterns to clear a level), multiplayer, versus mode (where you'd try to get past a computer opponent to get to the next level), and of course the regular mode. This game's following has been so big that a sequel and an XBOX360 Live Arcade port have been created. I give this game a 8.5 out of 10.

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