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    Luminous Arc 2

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 15, 2008

    Luminous Arc 2 is about a young knight and friends that gets caught up into a battle with saving the world.

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    A young man named Roland and his brother Rashe are training to become knights, and thier friend named Rina is training to be a hunter, one day Roland,Rashe and Rina go to a laboratory where Rina's brother named Stiener works. Stiener came up with an invention called "the Runic Engine", the Runic Engine grants the user the power to use magic. Only Witches can use magic but with the Runic Engine even a non witch can use magic, there was only one person that was able to use magic before the Runic Engine and that person lived 4000 years before the timeline of luminos arc 2. The person that was able to use magic without being a witch was given a title called "Rune Knight", whoever get's the Runic Engine will become the second Rune Knight. Stiener wants to be the second Rune Knight which is why he made the Runic Engine, he shows everyone the Runic Engine and asks Roland to give the Runic Engine to him but instead it attaches to Roland and does not come off. This causes Roland to be the second Rune Knight and also makes stiener very jealous that he doesn't get to be a Rune Knight like he wanted, now Roland has to have an audience with the queen of Carnava "Queen Sophia" . Sophia tells them about a witch named Fatima who is trying to end the world, and asks Roland and friends to help the witches defeat Fatima because only a Rune Knight can defeat Fatima.


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