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    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 15, 2000

    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete is the sequel to Lunar: Sliver Star Story. The game features a brand new cast of characters and takes place 1000 years after the events of the original game.

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    Lunar 2:Eternal Blue is the sequel to the 1998 remake of Lunar:Silver Star Story.The game features a brand new cast of characters and with some characters from the original. Lunar 2 takes place 1000 years after the events of the original Lunar.

    The re-release of the game features two notable changes. The difficulty of the Borgan boss battle has been reduced (after complaints that the original fight was too hard) and the infamous "Pay for Saves" system was removed.


    The game starts off with a boy named Hiro, whom is a archaeologist whom is also fascinated with all the history (Events from the original game) that his grandfather,Gwyn, has taught him.Hiro also lives with a flying talking cat named Ruby--she is a female version of Nall from the original game.One day, Hiro,Ruby & Gwyn decides to go into a temple to find a valuable artifact that's hidden deep within the temple.They find it but it turns out it's a transportation device to transfer one person from one planet to the other. The device sets off and Lucia appears. Hiro & the rest of the gang explain who they are and leave the temple.On the way out, they get attack by two guardians; they fight them off and succeed.Lucia explain her present on the planet Lunar.She explain that a evil present known as Zophar is going to be destroy the world.Hiro & Ruby join Lucia on her journey to stop Zophar.On the way, they encounter other characters and join them on their journey as well,

    Battle System

    One of the battles being taken place.
    One of the battles being taken place.

    The battle system is pretty much like any other stantard 2D RPG--with a original elements.The game features "Battle Formations", it's a gird where the player can place a character anywhere on his or her half of the battle stage.For example,some characters have strong magic & magic defense but also have weak defense & offense;so the player has the option to place that character at the end of the battle stage to avoid strong physical attacks from enemies. Each character has a certain number of steps he or she can take in battle--it's a bit similer to Final Fantasy Tactics but in full 2D and not in isomectric perspective.The game also features these other options, attack,defend,magic,items.

    Collector's Edition

    The Collector's Edition.
    The Collector's Edition.

    The Collector's Edition of the game features collector's items that came with the game. Such as: a soundtrack CD,a paper map,a extra CD which is a behind the scenes look at the game,tiny card-broad cut-outs of some of the characters,a hardbound booklet,and Lucia's pendent.The Collector's Edtion retail at sixty-dollars.



    "Hrio is an adventurous youth who is greatly influenced by his grandfather's love of archaeology. Legends of the Four Dragons, Dragonmasters,ancient battles and the Goddess Althena fascinate him. He hopes that by unlocking the secrets of the past, he will be able to understand the future. Although he's not supposed to explore the anciant ruins near his home without his grandfather Gwyn, Hiro and Ruby frequently break this rule. Fortunately, he's pretty handy with a boomerang."


    "Lucia is quite a mysterious young lady. She is haunted by nightmares about the future of Lunar. She also seems troubled by a terrible secret she cannot share.Despite her strong magic

    skills, she seems to be a little naive when it comes to dealing with other people. She has trouble containing her emotion and looks to Hiro for guidance and protection.She is only concerned with Althena, and begs Hiro to help her find the Goddess. Will her mission cause the ruination of this world?"


    "Ronfar is rumored to have been a priest for the Goddess Althena.He possesses impressive healing powers. When he was unable to save his true love from an evil spell, he swore he

    would never use magic again. He now spends most of his time in bars winning people's money. He also tends to make decisions on a throw of the dice, like his chram, seem to be magic, because they never let him down. He's a womanizer who's always concerned about the fairer sex, and they're usually all too happy to return his affectionst."


    "Jean is a fan dancer in the Carnival and is highly valued for her talents. She is a tomboy with a big-sister complex,who can be a bit overbearing at times.She tends not to develop strong relationships with people.However, Jean is an extremely talented fighter. Those in the Carnival say she was trained to fight as a child. Unfortunately, her past is going to catch up with her, and it may not be a pretty sight!"


    "Lemina is the Junior Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane. Unlike her mother Miria, she doesn't seem to understand the legacy of the great magicians that inhabited this ancient city, and doesn't seem to possess any of their noble qualities. Instead, she seems to be a very selfish and arroant girl who's only concerned with money.Yet,at times, she does let people see a softer side. Despite her greedy demeanor, her magic skills are extremely powerful.Can Hiro afford to have her in his party?"


    "This part-human, part-beast is a staunch supporter of the Goddess Althena.In fact,White Knight Leo is the leader of Althena's Guard, a group of elite soldiers sworn to protect and upload the orders of the Goddess. Althena has granted Lord Leo the use of the Dragonship Destiny.The Destiny allows him to roam freely around the world of Lunar to keep its inhabitants safe.His skill as a swordsman is unmatched by any human.He is searching for a Destroyer that has come to Lunar.Can Hiro help him find it?"


    "Ruby has been Hiro's constant companion for as long as anyone can remember. She claims to be the offspring of a dragon, but Hiro doesn't quite believe her.Like another little dragon, she has a bad habit of speaking her mind at the wrong time. Sooner or later, this little wisecracker's bound to get Hiro into a lot of trouble..."


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