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    Lunar Flight

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jan 15, 2012

    Fly across the moon in this modern 3D adaptation of the original Atari arcade classic, Lunar Lander.

    sin4profit's Lunar Flight (PC) review

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    It's the bell curve of fun

    For me, as someone who enjoys flight sims there's a specific time frame in this game when you're actually having fun. In the beginning you'll navigate ever so carefully only to create one false move that sends you to your frustrating death.

    Once you start to get a vague hold on the situation you start making every other cargo drop on the edge of your seat and you feel like a tar chewin grout spittin space (your results may vary). This is that point of accomplishment that you've been looking for and success feels all the more exciting knowing what you had to go through to get there.

    Unfortunately natural education rears it's party pooping head and when you come to figure out what all the iconography on your heads up display actually means you find it far to easy to "fly by numbers" at which point the game became a tedium for the sake of gaining all the achievements which involved doing all of the three mission variants a total of 7 times each and landing/refueling at every base station on every map.

    So really it's a bi polar experience...either you can't figure out what to do and hate it in frustration, or you know all too well what to do and hate it as it becomes can't stay in the sweet center for very long.

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      Long Boring Stretches, Moments of Panic & Frustration 0

      Download Size: 900MBTime Played: 2 hrs.Map Reached: 2nd of 3What I'd Pay: $5Steam Price (4/15/12): $10You'll see this a lot.I overshot the landing pad, sending my module careening out of control into the lunar dirt. Again. *BOOM* Another 4 minutes of careful maneuvering and delicate course correction down the drain. I hit the Reset button. The game deducted another $3500 from my account for the crash, putting me $7000 in the hole. I groaned and brought up the next mission: $5000 for a cargo run....

      1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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