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Lunar is an reoccurring boss from Mischief Makers. He appears as a wolf creature wearing red armor equipped with a machine gun and a transforming motorcycle known as Cerberus Alpha. Even though Lunar holds justice in high regards he only uses it as an excuse to fight and shoot things up. As part of the Beastector (a group of similar warriors) he's asked by the Emperor to defeat Marina and bring in Professor Theo alive. He misinterprets the Emperor's orders and heads out to eliminate Marina.

Abilities and Battles

Uppercut *Achoo*
Uppercut *Achoo*
The first battle with Lunar is in a one-on-one fight with Marina in a snowstorm. To compliment his crazy nature he's very fast and uses a variety of kicks and punches alongside his machine gun. Several of his sliding attacks leave grenades in his wake, which can be tossed back to cause damage. Shots from his machine gun can also be caught and thrown back with a good sense of timing.

Cerberus Alpha
Cerberus Alpha
Lunar returns as the last boss of Mt. Snow, only this time he brings his machine Cerberus Alpha. It's a high speed battle with several phases so Marina rides a cat to keep up during the fight. The first stage involves the motorcycle firing rockets, green energy shots, and a giant laser. The machine eventually transforms into a four legged form and attacks with flips and rolls. Lunar spends time on and off the device, sometimes flipping along the ground to attack Marina.

Lunar is one of the few characters in the game that has small bits of voice acting. A number of his lines can be found below


"Through fire, justice is served!"
"Heeeeere's Lunar!"
"I live to fight!" 
"Cerberus Alpha!"
"Eat lead!"
"No more Mr. Nice Guy!"
"You're mine!"
"How could I lose to you!?"

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