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    Leader of the Wolves, one of the six Tribes of the Junkyard. An honorable man able to harness the power of Cerberus. Allies with the Embryon against the Brutes.

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    Digital Devil Saga

    In Digital Devil Saga, Lupa spends a lot of his time in a battle with the Brutes, as they are both the most powerful Tribes. They surrender to the Brutes, however, but Lupa has another trick up his sleeve: he wants to ally with the Embryon to defeat the Brutes, which they agree to, leaving Lupa to act as cover.
    Unfortunately, Lupa loses his mind to his demon form, much like Jinana did, leading him to ambush and attack the Embryon with "nothing left", and forcing them to defeat him.
    It seems that Lupa has memories of another life: he claims to have a son, and asks Gale to pass along a message for him when he sees him, knowing he will never see him again.
    His demon form is Cerberus, the three headed dog, each with their own strengths: one for healing, one for buffs and debuffs, one for attacks. They can also cause havoc with combination attacks.

    Digital Devil Saga 2

    In the second game, if certain requirements have been met, Gale can learn the Pyriphlegethon (massive fire damage) skill from Lupa's solar noise on the sun.  
    Lupa's son, Fred, also features predominantly in this game, as Gale passes on his father's message (though he feels slightly guilty for modifying it a little).

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