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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 27, 2008

    An anime-style adventure game for the Nintendo DS. As Atsuki, the player has to rid Kisaragi City from a corrupting infection called "Silent".

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    Lux-Pain is a visual novel-style adventure game for Nintendo DS developed by Killaware. It was published in Japan by Marvelous Entertainment on March 27th, 2008 with North American and European localizations being released a year later by Ignition Entertainment and Rising Star Games respectively.


    The player controls Atsuki, a teenager who obtained a strange power called Lux-Pain through an operation in his arm that lets him see and eliminate an infection that corrupts the human mind to commit horrible crimes. Atsuki sets off to rid the Kisaragi City from this strange infection named "Silent"  that was the cause of the murder of his parents.


    "Silence" removal
    Other than the standard adventure gameplay of going to locations and checking out object, the player will also have to use Atsuki's Lux-Pain power to spot and eliminate "Silence". This is done by scribbling the screen like a scratch ticket revealing what hides behind what the common eye sees.


    One of the main criticisms leveled against Lux-Pain is its odd localization, or lack thereof. There's plenty of room for unintentional humor given the numerous misspellings, grammatical errors, and incredibly literal translations ("I ate his mind") found within. All the samples below are exactly as they appear in the game, including such gaffes as misplaced apostrophes.

    Spelling sampler

    • "afterall" instead of "after all"
    • "aluring" instead of "alluring"
    • "auther" instead of "author"
    • "Burse office" instead of "Nurse's office"
    • "centrall" instead of "central"
    • "concent" instead of "consent"
    • "donno'" instead of "dunno"
    • "existance" instead of "existence"
    • "enterance" instead of "entrance"
    • "imbiciles" instead of "imbeciles"
    • "kood" instead of "mood"
    • "noone" instead of "no one"
    • "oppinion" instead of "opinion"
    • "outta'" instead of "oughta"
    • "rationaly" instead of "rationally"
    • "talke" instead of "talk"

    Grammar-gaffe and odd-sentence sampler

    • "What do you do to be cute? Oh well then, my customers are pathetic."
    • "I will eat his mind."
    • "I hate people who say things should be fair and balanced! You gotta' work hard in my class!"
    • "Did you know Yung proposed graduating class? For those who say their's no relation, there is."
    • "I wanna protect it. This town, and it's people."
    • "You take finish mine!"
    • "The internet was cancelled one year ago."
    • "Not at all. This class is goes on well."
    • "It makes happy to hear that."
    • "Seeing such joy is what is to some people."
    • "We're investigating his to save him in secrecy."
    • "After Fall comes Christmas. A time for lovers."
    • "Have you ever think love and happiness arent' real?"


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