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    Lyner Barsett

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The main character of Ar Tonelico. An energetic young man with an adventurer's heart.

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    The protagonist of Ar Tonelico, Lyner was born in the city of Platina. Although he can be emotional and overreacting at times, he has a strong sense of responsibility and duty.

    His father, the commander of Platina,  expected Lyner to follow in his footsteps and had him learn politics and diplomacy. However, Lyner hated these studies and wanted freedom and adventure instead, deciding to become a Knight of Elemia in order to reach these goals. The Knights acknowledged his abilities and selected him to join their ranks, where he became a protector for Lady Shurelia -- administrator of the Tower or Ar Tonelico.

    Lyner forges strong bonds with Reyvateils such as Misha or Aurica, and is able to dive into their Cosmospheres in order to unlock more powerful abilities and deepen their relationships. He tends to be hesitant and inexperienced when it comes to romantic relationships and is rather naive when others make advances towards him.

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