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 The M-490 Blackstorm Projector is a heavy weapon in Mass Effect 2. The weapon encases a few particles of matter within a high-powered mass-increasing field which increases the particles of matter to near-infinite mass. When shot out, the singularity draws enemies in for a short while and eventually the singularity destabilizes and returns to normal mass, with explosive results. The weapon shoots an orb-like projectile out and draws enemies inward providing they have no armor, shields or biotic barriers. When enemies reach zero health within the singularity, they disappear resembling a black hole. This is why the M-490 Blackstorm Projector is given the nickname the "Black Hole Gun". However, this weapon shouldn't be used on boss characters as it doesn't do a substantial amount of damage compared to other heavy weapons. 


The weapon could only be acquired as a pre-order bonus for the game from Gamestop in North America and in Europe. However, the PS3 version offers this weapon for free on PSN.

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