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The ATV for all your off-planet needs
The ATV for all your off-planet needs

The M35 Mako is an infantry fighting vessel designed by the Systems Alliance. Its predecessor, the M29 Grizzly, was unable to keep up with the task for which it was originally designed, essentially making it obsolete for military use. Commonly designed for frigate type classes of ships, its small and can easily be put into a cargo hold for fast deployment. Its mounted 155 mm mass accelerator cannon and coaxially mounted machine gun make it a formidable foe in most situations. Since the M35 Mako is designed to be deployed on various types of worlds and environments, it is atmospherically sealed and runs on a hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell engine. Its special armor can withstand severe temperatures, drops from high altitude, and most types of terrain. Its suspension and propulsions systems allows it to function on various terrains, and its independent reversible wheels allows it to make sudden turns and direction.

It is equipped with a small mass effect core and many micro thrusters allowing it to function on low gravity planets and allowing it to have increased traction. The combination of these two allow the Mako to be dropped from a ship at a higher altitude then most others. This also keeps the frigate out of harms way by dropping the shore party quickly and reducing Anti-Air weaponry damage. The hull of the Mako is covered with many small micro detection lasers which forewarn the crew of any incoming laser-guided ordinance. The ground penetrating radar scans for sub-surface anomalies and detects different types of mines. All of these controls are controllable by the vessels micro-frame computer system.

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