Quick response from a Macbook user needed

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Hey guys,  
I just saw an Early 2009 Macbook Unibody (120gb/2gb ram - 4gb 1066mhz limit) going for about half price -- is this worth the investment? I am a Music student at uni and have not had much in the way of experience with the Macbooks themselves, however I am familiar with the the AIO Macs -- are the macbooks competent enough for audio recording/mixing/editing etc on their own? 
Obviously I would up the RAM/HDD speed, just need to know if this would be a worthwhile investment!

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Ram is only really important if you play games. I guess if you play lots of Call of Duty you could...

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Absolutely. Half the price meaning it is around $600? If it is early 2009 it probably has a Core 2 Duo in it. That is plenty capable for audio recording. I use a 1st generation Macbook still for my audio recording.  Personally I don't even think you need to worry about upping the HDD to a 7200 rpm one, but more Ram never hurts. 
What specific audio applications do you intend to do with it? Are you going to be multi-track recording or more something along the lines of software composition?  

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It's both, I'm a composer so I need at least some Sibelius or Finale with some good instrument banks and midi support.  
For recording and electroacoustic composition I use ProTools on the Uni Macs, and I'm usually pretty sensible with my plugins and such -- I tend to bounce recordings when I'm happy with them to alleviate any pressure on the ram.

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Avoid MacBooks like the plague. Not a second goes by without me wishing I had a real laptop instead.

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