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    Located in the center of the state on the banks of the Ocmulgee River, Macon is known as the "Heart of Georgia" and is currently the seventh largest city by population in the state. It has also become known as the Cherry Blossom capitol of the world.

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    Central Georgia
    Central Georgia

    The city of Macon formed during the early 19th century after the construction of Fort Benjamin Hawkins, which was built to establish trade with the Native Americans. Many early settlers were originally from North Carolina, and they named the city after their Congressman, Nathaniel Macon. During the Civil War, Macon became the official arsenal of the Confederacy as well as the primary location for Union officers being held as prisoners. After the burning of Atlanta, Macon served as Georgia capitol for a brief period in 1864, as it was spared by Sherman on his march to Savannah.

    Notable Features

    • International Cherry Blossom Festival - Held in March every year.
    • Georgia Sports Hall of Fame - Opened in 1999 and is the largest state sports hall of fame in the country.
    • The Hay House - Known as the Palace of the South.
    • Ocmulgee National Monument - Preserving earthen mounds built by the Mississippian culture around 1000 A.D.
    • Wesleyan College - Founded in 1836 and was the first college in the United States that granted degrees to women.
    • Mercer University - Private, independent university founded in 1833.

    Famous Maconites

    • The Allman Brothers Band
    • Bill Berry
    • Ken Shamrock
    • Little Richard
    • Nancy Grace
    • Otis Redding
    • Sidney Lanier

    The Walking Dead

    Lee and Clementine in Macon, Georgia
    Lee and Clementine in Macon, Georgia

    Much of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead game takes place in Macon. It does not appear that any of the locations in the game are based on real locations in Macon, but several references from the characters in the game are about real things (Cherry Blossom Festival, Central High, etc.)

    The game's protagonist, Lee Everett, grew up in Macon where his parents owned and operated a drug store downtown before the zombie outbreak. Another character in the game, Glenn, who is featured in the original comic as well as the television show, is also from Macon, where he worked as a pizza delivery person before heading towards Atlanta after the outbreak.


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