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    Macross is a mecha anime franchise dating back to 1982. The first series, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, is infamous for being the first anime to be adapted into Robotech.

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    Macross is an anime franchise that features fighter planes with the ability to transform into giant robots. The original series, released in 1982, was one of the earliest imitators of Mobile Suit Gundam's more realistic take on robot anime.  The franchise is named after the Macross, a battleship that, like the series's "Variable Fighters," can reconfigure itself into a humanoid form.
    The "power of music" is a recurring theme in the franchise, along with the love triangle.


    Super Dimension Fortress Macross was chosen by video distribution and real estate company Harmony Gold to be brought to the United States as Robotech; however, in order to meet syndication requirements, Harmony Gold decided to rewrite Macross, Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada into a single, 85-episode series. 

    In Video Games

    Macross has yielded several video game adaptions. Early games took the form of scrolling shoot-em-ups, while 3D titles are almost always flight simulators. There are some exceptions, including Macross: Eternal Love Song (a strategy game) and Macross: True Love Song (a dating sim with RPG elements).
    The most recent Macross games have been developed by Artdink. In addition to Macross Ace Frontier, Ultimate Frontier, and Triangle Frontier, all of which are essentially Macross-themed "Gundam Battle" games, Artdink has created three games for PS3-enhanced Blu-Ray movies.
    Due to a variety of reasons, no Macross-branded game has been released in the US or Europe. One of these reasons is the fallout from a legal battle between Big West (Macross's sponsor), Tatsunoko (who owns the international rights to SDF Macross) and Harmony Gold (who eventually received the rights to all Macross-related media in the US); these disputes also eliminated the possibility of any future Robotech games based on the "Macross Saga." The other major restricting factor is the cost of music licensing.

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