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Mad Dash Racing was a launch title for the original Xbox. The concept is similar to 1998's Running Wild (both games involve foot racing) except Mad Dash Racing mixes up the formula by making the player perform certain controller movements at certain times in the race to mimic actions such as climbing and swimming.

Racing abilities and characters

These players can easily bust through fractured doors and walls, and are a threat to other racers while bashing because they are nearly untouchable to attacks. Players who bash something will get a little boost of speed.


Big Blu


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Dashers: These characters can run fast and dash up steep slopes as long as they have enough energy.




Gliders: These characters can overcome obstacles and avoid enemies by taking flight.




*Players may have all 3 abilities by collecting 10 meteor chunks. Players must be able to keep their juice bar or energy as full as possible by performing stunts or drinking Hex-A-Cola in order to bash, dash or glide.

Game Modes

Adventure Mode

This is like a story or 1 player mode where you can unlock levels and racers. The real objective is to collect 7 red meteor chunks in order to save the world.

In adventure mode you can also do different challenges and training.

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Cash Challenge: Collect 20 Hex Bucks within a time limit to earn the cash decal for the stage.

Time Challenge: Beat the clock to get the time decal for the stage.

Stunt Challenge: Perform as many stunts as you can within the intended time limit to get a stunt decal for the stage.


Learn how to play Mad Dash Racing by finding and running over Hex signs to get hints and tips.

Versus Mode

This is a mode where you and your friends can race each other to compete for first place. 1 to 4 players can play.



Tiki Village



Dino Oasis

Mt. Magma




Alpine Cup

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