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    Mad Dog

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    The Mad Dog, also known as the Vulture, is a second generation Clan OmniMech primarily used for support at long range.

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    Developed by Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Mad Dog Clan OmniMech is a heavy support model designed primarily to attack foes from a safe distance. Upon first contact with it, the Mad Dog was given the nickname "Vuture" by the Inner Sphere, and indeed there are noticeable resemblances between the 'Mech and its carrion-scavenging namesake, including birdlike reverse-jointed legs, a slumping posture, and a pronounced cockpit at its apex which mimics a head. While its code name is purely descriptive, the 'Mech's given name of Mad Dog was coined to show its creators' disdain for Clan Wolf and their popular Timber Wolf OmniMech, though in its production the Mad Dog incorporated a number of the moldings used by the Timber Wolf, rendering its derisive title somewhat ironic. Its weapon array also shares similarities with the aforementioned 'Mech, being largely reliant on Long Range Missiles and laser weaponry in its default configuration. Unlike the Timber Wolf, however, whose production and distribution was zealously managed by Clan Wolf, the manufacture of the Mad Dog was not nearly as constrained, and for that reason most clans possess a significant number, with Clan Ghost Bear favoring them more than most.

    True to its name, the Vulture's role in combat is somewhat akin to that of a scavenger, lurking just at the outskirts of its maximum range until ready to strike. Its dual LRM-20 racks, positioned on either side of its torso, are its primary means of dealing damage, and it is not uncommon for Vulture pilots to bombard their targets with missiles from afar before darting in to finish off their crippled prey with laser fire. While fairly durable, it is not as heavily armored as some 'Mechs in its weight category, so it is important when piloting one to take advantage of the Vulture's speed, which is considerable. Like most Clan 'Mechs, the Vulture is highly configurable, and exchanging missile potency for more powerful energy weapons like ER Lasers and PPCs is popular with some pilots. It is also possible to scrap the default loadout entirely in favor of twin Gauss Rifles, which turns the Vulture into an excellent sniping platform.

    Vital Statistics

    SchematicProduction InformationTechnical SpecificationsDefault Weapon Configuration
    Mad Dog Schematic
    Mad Dog Schematic
    • Designation: OmniMech
    • Designer/Manufacturer: Clan Smoke Jaguar
    • Production Sites: Various
    • Cost: 15,292,000 C-Bills
    • Class: Heavy 'Mech
    • Weight: 60 tons
    • Armor: 8.5 tons Ferro-Fibrous
    • Cruising Speed: 54 kph
    • Maximum Speed: 86.4 kph
    • Jump Jets: None
    • 2 LRM-20s
    • 2 Large Pulse Lasers
    • 2 Medium Pulse Lasers


    • BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat for the Genesis features a Mad Dog prominently on the cover, though its appearance here is somewhat misleading given that the 'Mech is not actually present within the game. Perhaps because of this disconnect, the later release of the SNES version, MechWarrior 3050, replaces the previous Mad Dog box art with a new cover featuring the Timber Wolf, a 'Mech which plays a significant role in-game.

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