'Mad' Max Rockatansky

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    Max is the titular main character of the Mad Max franchise.

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    'Mad' Max Rockatansky is an Australian former highway patrol officer known for his signature vehicle. the Pursuit Special, also known as 'The Interceptor'.

    In the original film, Max resigned from his position at the Main Force Patrol (M.F.P.) after the brutal deaths of his wife and son caused by Toecutter & his biker gang. Fuelled by anger, a grief-stricken Max hunts down those responsible for his family's demise and violently kills them. After killing off the last of Toecutter's gang members, Max inherits his 'Mad' nickname and travels the world as a new man.

    By the events of Mad Max 2, Max becomes a lonesome drifter accompanied by his dog in a post-apocalyptic Australian outback.


    Max's design, personality & vehicle of choice have been influential for a variety of games. One such franchise, Fallout, has taken a variety of concepts that have appeared in the Mad Max franchise. For instance, players can find leather armor in many Fallout games which is modelled after Max's leather jacket featured in Mad Max 2. In addition, the iconic shotgun that Max wields in the film series has made several appearances in multiple Fallout games. Max's dog featured in Mad Max 2 serves as the basis for Dogmeat, a pet companion featured in the Fallout series.


    • Max was originally portrayed by Australian-American actor Mel Gibson in the first three films in the series. After a 30-year long hiatus, Max was played by British actor Tom Hardy for Mad Max: Fury Road.

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