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    Mad Monster Mansion

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    A haunted mansion home to the aptly named toilet Loggo. This level appears in Banjo-Kazooie and is referenced in Nuts & Bolts.

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    The smallest of all levels in Banjo Kazooie and one of the three levels where Spring Jump pads are found. It is alluded to being Grunty's vacation home in Nuts & Bolts.

    The cartridge art for the game appears to show this level in the background.

    Two notable characters in this level are Motzand, the piano playing hand, and Tumblar the haunted shot glass.

    Pumpkin Banjo nearing a drain
    Pumpkin Banjo nearing a drain

    Mumbo's power transforms the duo into Pumpkin Banjo here. In this form, BK may squeeze through tight areas in the level. It is the only transformation required to leave a level in order to advance the overall game.

    There is a chance here for Mumbo to "accidentally" change Kazooie into Dragon Kazooie before remarking that it is too powerful for this game. This form is later seen in Banjo Tooie as part of the resolution to the Ice Key (see Stop and Swap).

    Two Stop N Swap eggs were to be found in this level; the cyan in the wine cellar and the green on top of Loggo.


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