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    Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 04, 2008

    Return as Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria as they crash and they make themselves at home in Africa in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

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    Though this is primarily a platformer, you'll be doing a lot more than jumping from one precarious platform to another. Through most of the game, you'll be quickly shuttled from activity to activity. For instance, as Alex, you'll attempt to join a herd of wild lions. To prove you're worthy of such a prestigious title, Player's will be asked to perform in a variety of seemingly random competitions. Within the span of a half hour, you'll compete in a game of musical chairs, play a variation of Hot Potato that uses the dreaded durian , climb walls, avoid vultures, play dodge ball with mangoes, and ride on zip lines.

    As Melman, you can ride atop boulders and whack moles intent on stealing suitcases; Marty plays a mean game of soccer and tests his speed in a series of races; the penguins drive around in a truck and build a flying contraption for Julien to ride in; and, of course, there is the quest to cure a herd of giraffes from a nasty outbreak of belly fish. Despite the many twists this game takes, the controls are tight and responsive no matter which ridiculous activity you're competing in.

    As you progress later in the adventure, you'll come across some longer, more varied quests as well. These are much closer to traditional platforming experiences, with the world opened up for free exploration and a few instances of combat thrown in for good measure. There are monkeys and coins hidden all over the land, and you'll have to use each character's specific abilities to navigate across every inch of the environment. As Gloria, you'll have to get rid of a float of crocodiles by whipping mangoes at them. Once they're banished, you're free to explore the murky depths of the river for hidden chili peppers and fancy pearls. Alex is the most agile, able to double-jump to higher places and balance across narrow walkways. Melman can spin in the air, allowing him to float to faraway platforms


    Alex, king of not only his fellow lemurs but apparently every other species as well, thinks it is cruel to stay hidden away in Madagascar when the whole world should be lucky enough to make his acquaintance. The penguin-piloted plane carrying Alex and the rest of the animals crashes in Africa Due to lack of Fuel. The other characters play off their own quirks, from Melman's lack of confidence to Claire's search for love.


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