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    Madagascar Kartz

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 20, 2009

    A fun kart racing gaming with everyone's favorite animal escapees.

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    Madagascar Karts its a game based on the famous cartoon Madagascar
      Dreamworks used all the characters from Madagascar  plus they added characters from blog buster cartoons like Shrek and Monsters vs Aliens which you unlock as you advancing in the game.
    Its an easy kart racing game with lots of fun and variety of tracks (21 in total) and modes .  The game also is using power ups while racing to take your opponent out of the track or to benefit you race and come first.  Also each character have a unique power that can find randomly in crates while racing which is vital for winning the race .
    The winner is the one who finish the race or championship or quick race with the most mangos.
    1st place earns 200 mangos
    2nd place earns 120 mangos
    3rd place earns 90 mangos
    You can also find some extra mangos during each race and they count especially in the championship mode.

    Each character holds a unique kart which is offering speed , grip and  turbo which you gaining by doing stunts during the race or by drifting your kart .

    1)  Championship : The championship mode is the main mode in the game and its divided by  50CC , 100CC , 150 CC and 200CC .  You have to play all the categories if you wish to unlock all the race tracks and characters. All the championship categories are 9 races in 9 different stages . 
    2) Quick Race : The quick race is when you choose any stage to race with any of the characters . Its not part of the championship .
    3) Checkpoint  Race : In checkpoint race you race against the time! No opponents or power ups in the game you just collect hourglasses in any racetrack you like . You can also play local multyplayer in this mode and challenge each other by whom will get the more hourglasses.
    4) Time Trial : In this mode you pick any race track you like and you race on your own so you can score your own personal best time and even share it worldwide .
    The characters in the game are mostly from the original cartoon Madagascar but you can also unlock some other characters from other Dreamworks cartoons.
    1) Alex  the lion 
    2) Marty  the zebra
    3) Gloria the hippopotamus
    4) Melman the giraffe
    5) The penguins
    6) The chimps
    7) King Julien
    8) Shrek  from the cartoon Shrek
    9) B.O.B  from the cartoon Monsters vs Aliens


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