Madden NFL 09

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Aug 12, 2008

    Twenty years in the making, a new Madden arrives, this gridiron great allows you to showcase your skills in this annual tradition of football Americana.

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    Best in a long while 0

    The Madden franchise has always been criticized for its lack of evolution, generally the improvements from each years release are very minimum, and sometimes even unnoticeable to the casual player. While the same can be said about this year’s instalment, it is obvious there was a genuine effort to improve the game in pretty much all areas of the game, and with the various improvements, Madden 09 becomes on of the best Football games in years.               The biggest and most notable changes ha...

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    Madden 09--Review 0

         I normally stay away from doing sports games reviews, but since Madden 09 was the first sports title I purchased on launch day in a long time, I guess I should review it.     For the first time in a while, I was actually excited for the release of a Madden game.  Since this franchise has gone "next gen" it has suffered from a lack of content.  Its taken them three tries but it looks like there finally starting to figure it out again.         The biggest selling point to me this time around ...

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    Despite the bug's,Madden is a great footbal game. 0

    Well Maddens back for another installment in the NFL Madden series.After watching some gameplay at E3 and hearing Shanker and Brian Ekberg talk about how great this game was,I thought it was going to be amazing!But I was sadly disappointed,but don't get me wrong this game is great but it just doesn't live up to what I was expecting.This game will never live up to being one of the best Madden game's ever,like EA said.But now down to the Gameplay,it's awesome.This might not be the best Madden game...

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    Not worth it 0

    The Madden Franchise has really outdone itself and made itself the best football game available.  The problem is, this doesn't translate to the DS very well.  The graphics are terrible, the sounds is terrible and the controls are terrible.  You do have a lot of options like you have in the other versions of the game but what EA needs to do is "dumb-it-down" for the handheld.  They try hard to do a straight conversion from the Xbox 360 to the DS is seems like.  Madden 09 is just to complex for a ...

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    It's a Madden game, alright. 1

        Madden NFL 09 is definitely a Madden game. There's footballs, dudes who like to talk about footballs, and dudes who like to tackle other dudes running with footballs.     The visuals have been improved vastly. In last years edition of the annual football franchise, everything looked a lot more bright. In Madden NFL 09, a darker and grittier vibe is felt, and it really feels natural. The player animations are great. Aside from the occasional body turned to the left side, perfect pass turned t...

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    Same Madden Taste, Revamped Flavor! 0

    Ok, so I was skeptical about the Madden this year, as I am sure that a lot of other Madden fans where.  I'm on the fence about the NFL licensing idea, and am a firm believer that if there were two companies that could make a football with the NFL there would be much more innovation, and because there aren't were stuck with a release that is marginally the same every year.However, this year the game was promised to make strides in many areas and that its finally the new taste of the franchise.  U...

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