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    Madden NFL 10

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Aug 14, 2009

    Madden 10 propels us into the next decade with procedural awareness. Madden 10 introduces a physics based player interaction engine known as Pro-Tak that features gang tackles, improved OL/DL play, and WR/DB interactions.

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    Madden 10 Cover Athlete

    The official cover announcement was made on Friday, April 24th at the NFL Draft. Two athletes are on the cover for the first time in series history.  The cover athletes are Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver of the Arizona Cardinals and Troy Polamalu, Safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The cover athletes embrace the motto of Madden NFL 10: "Fight For Every Yard."

    The candidates for Madden NFL 10 cover athlete were:
    • Adrian Peterson, Running Back (Minnesota Vikings)
    • Ed Reed, Safety (Baltimore Ravens)
    • Ben Roethlisberger, Quarter Back (Pittsburgh Steelers)
    • Brandon Jacobs, Running Back (New York Giants)
    • DeMarcus Ware, Line Backer (Dallas Cowboys)
    • Matt Cassel, Quarter Back (Kansas City Chiefs)
    • Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver (Arizona Cardinals)
    • Peyton Manning, Quarter Back (Indianapolis Colts)
    • Troy Polamalu, Safety (Pittsburgh Steelers)

    Developer Interaction

     Super Bowl 43
     Super Bowl 43
    Lead Designer of Madden NFL 10 Ian Cummings posted the first in a series of blogs during the halftime show of Super Bowl 43. Throughout the development cycle, news on various updates and improvements such as Procedural Awareness and changes to the speed of the game. The first screen-shot of Madden NFL 10, revealed by EA Sports president Peter Moore, displays a number of changes to the game. 
    • Refs patrol the field.
    • A chain gang runs on the field to measure first downs.
    • Super Bowl patches on uniforms. 
    • Super Bowl sidelines display team colors.
    • Single-digit numbers sit on the yellow line of the Steelers' helmets.  Last year, the number was incorrectly to the right of the stripe.
    • Enhanced secondary team colors.
    • Big Ben is now equipped with a towel.  Towels are one of the most requested enhancements.  Gamers are demanding!

     Make the call, coach
     Make the call, coach
    Injuries have been revamped in Madden NFL 10 to be more realistic. The outcome of an injury's severity is delayed rather than immediate. Trainers will run out onto the field and in serious cases, the injury cart. The user is prompted when a player can return to the field, but with the risk of re-injury.
    Presentation has received a much needed upgrade as well, both on the field and off. Franchise mode now has The Extra Point, a week summarizing highlight show similar to the one found in ESPN NFL 2k5. Players are shown warming up before the game as well tailgating fans. Finally, the USAF Thunderbirds will fly over the Super Bowl.

    Madden Ultimate Team

     In January, EA released a new gameplay mode, Madden Ultimate Team, that was downloaded as a patch for free. The mode is played like a card game, the player is given a large deck of bronze cards to begin with. Four levels of card packs can be purchased through the store, either with "coins" that you make through the mode, or they can be purchased with real money over Xbox Live/Playstation Network. The games are played with every player that you have in your deck of cards in either CPU matches against real football teams, or other users online against their Ultimate Team card deck. Each card can suffer from an injury or run out of games for their contract, both can be healed with an injury card or contract card. Other ways to find players for your team include an auction house and a deals of the week section.

    Team Ratings


    Ratings: Top 10 by Position


    Peyton Manning              99
    Tom Brady                       98
    Drew Brees                     97
    Kurt Warner                     94
    Ben Roethlisberger       93
    Donovan McNabb          91
    Philip Rivers                    88
    Carson Palmer               87
    Jay Cutler                         87
    Tony Romo                      87

    Running Backs

    Adrian Peterson             97
    Michael Turner               95
    LaDainian Tomlinson  94
    Brian Westbrook            94
    DeAngelo Williams       94
    Clinton Portis                 93
    Steven Jackson             92
    Frank Gore                      91
    Brandon Jacobs            90
    Thomas Jones              90    

    Wide Receivers

    Larry Fitzgerald              99

    Andre Johnson              98
    Steve Smith                    97
    Randy Moss                   96
    Reggie Wayne               95
    Anquan Boldin               94
    Roddy White                   94
    Brandon Marshall         92
    Calvin Johnson             92
    Terrell Owens                91


    Tight End

    Tony Gonzalez               98

    Jason Witten                  97
    Antonio Gates                95
    Chris Cooley                  91
    Kellen Winslow             90
    Heath Miller                    88
    John Carlson                 87
    Zach Miller                      86
    Owen Daniels                86


    Defensive Players

    Nnamdi Asomugha (CB)         99
    Albert Haynesworth (DT)          99
    Ed Reed (S)                                99
    Troy Polamalu (S)                      99
    Patrick Willis (LB)                      98
    Jared Allen (DE)                        98
    DeMarcus Ware (LB)                98
    Kevin Williams (DT)                  97
    Ray Lewis (LB)                          97
    Julius Peppers (DE)                 97


    • The Soundtrack consists of 25 songs from a variety of different artists:
    • 2Pac - Can't C Me
    • Airbourne - Heads Are Gonna Roll
    • Alice In Chains - Them Bones
    • B.o.B - Created A Monster
    • Bang Camaro - Revolution
    • Beastie Boys - Sabotage
    • Black Sabbath - Paranoid
    • Cypress Hill - Get 'Em Up
    • Helmet - Unsung
    • Iron Maiden - Aces High
    • Judas Priest - Painkiller
    • Kid Rock - I Am The Bullgod
    • Killswitch Engage - Reckoning
    • KoRn - Blind
    • Mastadon - Divinations
    • Nas feat. Puff Daddy - Hate Me Now
    • Nirvana - Breed
    • Pantera - Walk
    • Public Enemy - Shut Em Down
    • Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio
    • Set Your Goals - Gaia Bleeds (Make Way for Man)
    • Slipknot - Duality
    • System Of A Down - Sugar
    • The Vanity Plan - Before I Die
    • Young Dre The Truth - Cheah Beah

    Xbox 360 Hard Drive Install

    Installing Madden 10 takes up about 5.7 GB of space on the hard drive.

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