First Football Game Since NFL2k5...Should I Buy?

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#1 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -

Hey guys,
I'll be going back to the States for a bit...and I'm a huge Philadelphia Fan (RAISE THERE BITCHES!!!!), Madden 10 will be the first football game I might buy in about 5 years now.  $60 is a lot for a game, and with Batman coming out soon...I dunno which one to get.  Or if I should just save my money for a better game later this year.
Any helpful advice would be good.  Note, I'll be getting the PS3 version if I do get it.  How is the community?  Will I be able to find a game easily 6 months from now?  Etc...
Thanks.  :)

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If you seen the SI TV offer it is really good. A year of Sports Illustrated, Madden 10 (any system), Some John Madden Road to Canton DVD, for $49.99. Cheaper than the game by itself plus you get Sports Illustrated to keep up with the Eagles, World Champion Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers.

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#3 Posted by JamesF (1546 posts) -

I'm a big fan of the Madden series so I'll be picking this game up regardless.

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#4 Posted by Vinchenzo (6463 posts) -

Get Batman, the demo was great.

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#5 Posted by LeetBalla (731 posts) -

Get Batman, it will be more fun.
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#6 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

yeah, you're gonna realize how overrated 2k5 really was. 

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#7 Posted by Claude (16651 posts) -

I'm getting Madden 09 for the Wii. It just got a lot cheaper. That's how I roll.

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