Is this a major step up from 09?

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I've been fighting with myself since this was released on whether i should drop down the cash for it. I only played 09 for like a few weeks until realizing that there wasn't too much of a difference from 08 and never played it since. 
Im thinking about going out a picking this up today after work only because i want to join the giantbomb online franchise, but i wanna know if its a step up single-player wise.
Oh and for what system do most player on giantbomb have this on.

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Yes, yes, and yes.
It's slower paced(more realistic), the line play is pretty much fixed besides the occasional whiffed block by the o-line, the gang tackling is amazing, the franchise mode has been tweaked so it's more realistic, and Online Franchise.
I'd say most people have it for 360.  If you pick it up hit me up (GT: MrBrett) I'm always down for a game.

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Anyone else care to give me feedback? its not that i dont trust  bretthancock's word, i just need some more feedback before i plop down $60 for this, my gaming budget is getting pretty tight. 

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They've definitely made some big improvements on the realism of Madden this year. Animations are much more fluid and the game's pace really does make a huge improvement. Franchise mode has a much better UI and less noticeable features like player progression and CPU trade logic have taken a big step up. Superstar mode is almost exactly the same as last year. I haven't noticed any changes, if anything it feels like they've removed features from the mode. The biggest selling point of this year's Madden, though, is Online Franchise. Eseentially, you can join a franchise with up to 32 other players online. It is very similar to the offline franchise, but they have removed some features which will allow it to work on their servers. Player contracts, CPU trade logic, and free agency are all absent from the mode. If you play with a commited group of people, you can easily work out rules to work around the system and make it tons of fun, but EA really dropped the ball (Pun Intended) on the mode. 
If you consider yourself a fan of the Madden series, this purchase should be a no brainer, this is easily the best game in the series' history. It is a large step up from Madden 09.
I, personally, play on the Xbox 360 and I would imagine that most Giant Bomb users do too, but that's just my guess.

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Keep in mind 2010 came out about a week ago lol.

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Gameplay wise 2010 is a much better game then 2009. I was greatly disappointed with 2009 and played it for about a month or two. But, 2010 the gameplay is much smoother and the game being slowed down makes it more realistic. Also, the accelerated clock is finally back, something that was sorely missing last season. The Franchise mode still isn't what i want it to be, but, in the end gameplay is more important.

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@EffMeHarderNi666Az said:
" 10 is bigger than 9 but keep in mind that 11 is bigger than 10 "
Keep in mind that everyone is playing Madden 10, and nobody will be playing Madden 11 for another year. o_o

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