Press Start Online Franchise (PS3)

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I'm sure this forum is dead as Madden has been out for quite awhile.  Anyways, we have to promote as best as we can. haha
Right now it's week 6 of Season 3.  We have about 2/3 of the league filled. 
7 Minute Quarters 
No accelerated Clock 
All-Pro Difficulty  
Advance twice a week.  Usually on Thursday and Sunday/Monday.
Sim style league - Mix up your plays, no moving players before the snap, free agency setup with a salary cap and bidding period and so forth.  Great group of guys to play with.  Active forum with a bunch of people just passionate about football.  Check it out!
There's a sign-up thread on the site.  You can message ChampJezusBailey, the commissioner for more info.  Or my PSN is The_EDJ.  Thanks.

Available Teams: 
Atlanta Falcons 
Baltimore Ravens 
Cincinnati Bengals 
Houston Texans 
Jacksonville Jaguars 
Kansas City Chiefs 
Oakland Raiders 
Seattle Seahawks 
St. Louis Rams  
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Redskins

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