GiantBomb Madden 11 PS3 Online Franchise

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If anyone is interested, I'm starting a online franchise in Madden 11 for PS3 users. Rules will be as follows: 
 Franchise Name: GiantBombPS3 

Max Users: 32 
Fantasy Draft: Off 
Game Skill Level: ALL-PRO 
Quarter Length: 5 Minutes 
Accel. Clock: Off 
Injuries: On 
Trading: On(No CPU) 
Weather: On 
Fatigue: On 
 The basic plan is to do one game a week, with the week advancing Saturday evening. I figure it will be easier for everyone to juggle with work/school/etc. if there's only a one game commitment each week. However, if everyone completes their games before the end of week, we'll see about starting the following week early.  If enough people sign up, I'll be starting the franchise on Saturday, if not it'll be postponed until we have enough.  Please, if you don't plan on playing your game every week, or like to use exploits of any sort, don't sign up.
If you'd like to join, please post in the thread below with your PSN ID and preferred team. Teams will obviously be first-come, first served. 

 Naughton SuperNaughton Colts
 Joelllke02 Joelllke2 Eagles
 CelticKrush Broncos
 IvanAmor emeryfan01 Saints
 BlastProcessing LtSecksOffender Giants
 sackettblazed sackettblazed Chiefs
 cittyyyboiiva Cowboys
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#2 Posted by JoelIke02 (13 posts) -

PSN: JoelIke02 
Team:  Eagles
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#3 Posted by CelticKrush (48 posts) -

PSN: CelticKrush
Team:Broncos or whatever is available

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#4 Posted by IvanAmor (2 posts) -

PSN: emeryfan01 
Team: Saints

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#5 Posted by BlastProcessing (965 posts) -

PSN: LtSecksOffender
Tean: Giants
Let's hope more people join this!

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#6 Posted by sackettblazed (2 posts) -

PSN: sackettblazed 
team preferred: chiefs 
plz let me know if im in
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#7 Posted by Magicallystoopid (486 posts) -

I'm in...
PSN: Haikufrenzy
Team: Seahawks

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#8 Edited by dakiddow (2 posts) -

PSN: cittyyyboiiva
Team: Cowboys

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#9 Posted by Naughton (211 posts) -

Hot damn, looks like I gave up on this too soon. I say we give a few more days to try and get some more people.

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