Horrible Lag When Kicking Online

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Is anyone else having problems with the kicking game online? I understand there's going to be some lag in an online game but this is a real problem. The kick meter is so jerky, stopping and starting so sporadically, that I nor my opponent can kick extra points, let alone field goals. Hell, keeping a kick off in bounds is a challenge. This is the first year I've taken the plunge this gen and bought Madden new and played it online. Has it been this bad in previous years? It's a shame. I'm enjoying the game but online is BROKEN.

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It's usually a predictable amount of lag, so if you get used to it and start hitting the button early, you can manage it.  But yeah, it kinda sucks.

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How does the game's netcode compensate for lag in other departments apart from kicking?  Better than the previous iterations? 

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