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 Madden PS3 Franchise! My closest mate and I are the only owners in our league. Im not doing as good as I did last year but it looks like we will be in the Super Bowl again. So. If you want to join now in Week 8 and choose any team but the 9ers and Raiders and stop that Then let me know and send me your PS ID so I can send an invite. Or if you want to wait for when we start the next season right after thats cool too. Let me know!!! The more people we got, the more fun it will be!! We are both West coast and play at the Pacific time!  
Thanks guys. Let me know. We are pretty quick with our progress, so hit me up ASAP and help me stop this beast from winning this year!
Rules are: 
8 Min Quaters 
20 Second run off timer 
All-Madden Difficulty  
Good Sportsmanship 
We dont play like trolls. (No Running up the score when its un-necessary)

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