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Madden 13 Review 0

The Madden games have arguably gotten worse and worse as time has gone on this console generation, gradually dipping lower in lower with the critics. Last year’s entry was one of the worst in the franchise’s history from my viewpoint, so Tiburon had a lot to do over the off-season to reel me back in.One step at a time. That’s how you should right your wrongs before moving past them and that’s exactly what Tiburon did. From the excellently revamped presentation with over 82 hours of commentary f...

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Madden 13 presents all that went wrong/right with PS3 football 0

I used to be extremely invested in sports games. I certainly found plenty of time for regular old games, especially in the SNES and PSOne days, but with PS2 came a substantial shift in sports gaming. Graphical realism became an expectation more than a false hope and the depth of various systems steadily increased throughout the years. In Madden alone we saw a franchise that continuously iterated on itself without taking options away. It's hard to remember that Madden 2002's soundtrack consisted ...

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Finally, some changes to the formula. 0

As an NFL fan and a gamer, I've purchased just about every other release of Madden just to have an updated roster and slightly improved gameplay/graphics. Needless to say, I've never been very impressed with a new release of Madden. It's always the same game year in and year out. This year, though, EA Sports has finally made some changes to the formula.The new Connected Careers mode steals the spotlight. It serves as a replacement for both the Franchise mode and Superstar mode that was present i...

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best madden ever 0

I buy Madden every year, and typically I am not happy. Well this year they finally got it right. It actually feels like a football game, and the presentation is much more similar to what you would actually see on tv. Also things happen like on TV, which is hard to explain. For example, my buddy threw to his wideout just as he stepped out of bounds, refs call it incomplete. Well a call came down from the booth to review it since it was under 2 minutes, and the play was reversed! Like always speed...

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Madden NFL 13 Review 0

Developer: EA TiburonPublisher: EA SportsLooking back at the Madden franchise over the years, you could be forgiven for thinking that EA Sports merely rebrand their cover art and plop out a roster update…wait a minute, that’s exactly what they do. Content to rest upon those hefty muscular laurels, the Madden franchise over the years has become a symbol of staleness among iterative media. While other EA franchises such as FIFA strive forward and tread new and innovative ground, Madden sits out ba...

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nothing about this one,sucks again 0

this ain't the best,its garbage looks like a downfall,woops tv broadcast was a misstake,complete failure,lack of the sports game,another dislike,madden 13 turn into a bad football and ruined the nfl,yep,this is the worst one after 12.dilike madden 13 and 25,...

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