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    Madison Paige

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    Madison Paige is one of four main characters in the interactive drama Heavy Rain. She is a journalist suffering from chronic Insomnia and nightmares.

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    Madison, a magazine journalist who lives alone in the city, suffers from crippling insomnia and intense nightmares.  When we first play as Madison, we venture around her apartment trying to make her sleepy later in the level she is attacked by several masked assailants who eventually slit her throat. She awakes abruptly, realizing it was yet another nightmare.

    She then checks into a motel, stating that for some reason the only place where she finds solace are motels, and as a result, she frequently checks into them in order to sleep peacefully. During one of these retreats, Madison crosses paths with the injured Ethan Mars. Noticing that he is in pain from one of his previous ordeals, Madison pledges to help him. As the game furthers along this begins to become a pattern.  
    Madison eventually discovers Ethan's connection to The Origami Killer case, and uses the opportunity to uncover a story for her to publish. Madison continues to nurse Ethan's subsequent injuries, and even does some investigating of her own into the case. Depending on the player's decisions, a relationship can bloom between Madison and Ethan, and her motivations for pursuing The Origami Killer will then be based on a genuine concern for Ethan and his son's safety.

    Madison Paige is voiced by Judi Beecher and modeled by Jacqui Ainsley.

    Points where Madison can die

    • The Doc (By being drilled into by The Doc)
    • The Doc (By having her throat cut with a hand-held band-saw)
    • Killer's Place (By being suffocated by smoke)
    • Killer's Place (By being burnt alive)
    • Killer's Place (By jumping out the window)
    • Killer's Place (By explosion)
    • The Old Warehouse (By being strangled by the Origami Killer)
    • The Old Warehouse (By being shot)
    • The Old Warehouse (By being thrown off a ladder)
    • The Old Warehouse (By being stabbed by a metal pole)
    • The Old Warehouse (By being thrown off the crane)


    Dead Heroine

    A reporter named Britney Sanders is shown in Madison's grave to talk about her death. After the news, she leaves after complaining about not wanting to be in the cemetery. If Ethan is alive, he is shown standing to a tree, looking at Madison's grave.


    Madison has saved Shaun and is claimed to be a heroine while in an interview. Afterwards, she wrote a book called Heavy Rain. While she is signing some books, a man named Vincent tells her that she needs a ferocious opponent. By the time Madison tries to look at him, Vincent is not here.


    While Sam is trying to talk to Madison, a group of robbers invade her apartment, causing Madison to cower in fear. However, it is only revealed to be a dream.

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