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    Madison Saint James

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    Madison works for VCI as Marburg's assistant, and is a potential love interest for protagonist Michael Thorton in Alpha Protocol.

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    After uncovering information that hints Michael Thorton's life is in danger from her boss Conrad Marburg. Madison's clumsy attempts to contact and warn Michael result in her becoming a target. Madison stays at Thorton's hideout so that Thorton can protect her. The final Rome mission sees Madison kidnapped by Conrad Marburg. Thorton then has to make a decision between saving her and defusing a number of bombs at a museum, that if left alone will kill innocent people. Madison is actually the daughter of Alan Parker. Thorton's relationship with Madison can vary wildly depending on player choices. At one end of the spectrum it could culminate in an intimate encounter just prior to the final Rome mission, or it could culminate in Madison ambushing Michael as he walks through the door and escaping from the loft while he's dazed. Either way she ultimately ends up captured by Marburg and held hostage in the final mission.
    If Madison survives the museum bombing and was succesfully romanced by Michael she leaves him, fearing his feelings for her will compromise his mission. She ultimately becomes a popular grassroots politician and reformer. If she dies in the blast news of her death can prompt Alan Parker to betray Alpha Protocol and shoot Conrad Marburg. Madison herself is posthumously made a public martyr and her death is used as a rallying cry against acts of terrorism.


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