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Am I too old for this?

Sega had high expectations for Madworld. Madworld can be bought in most UK game outlets for a less than a tenner. For such high profile game as Madworld this is a low price. Unfortunately it represents the overall quality as well.
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Madworld falls under beat-em up category. The violence is extreme and more creative and brutal one is the more rewards are given. Creativity can be shown by creating kill combos such as piercing a traffic sign or two through opponents head and gorging the body with anything sharp. Levels are divided in to small parts of islands. Each level having a point limit that unlocks a end level boss. Gory challenges and mini-bosses are spread through the levels. Despite this after couple of levels the game-play starts to taste like wood, to use a fine Finnish description for boring. 
Characters and the game world are presented in stylish black and white fashion.  Only additional color being blood red which splashes everywhere from the constant slaughtering. Visually Madworld is impressive and I would like to see more games using such a cool look. Unfortunately the visuals don't save the game-play.

On the soundtrack part I can not say anything since its rap music and I can not stand rap music. 

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For the story part I was really pleasantly surprised. Game starts with a  Running Man modern day Gladiator type of plot that develops to a deeper political threat. While still keeping the brutal slaughtering justified. Could have even have more of that, story that is.

In many ways the story and sleek visuals reminded me of Killer 7. Which in the end changed me to like it but after Madworld I can not say enjoyed the experience.  Luckily for me the game is not too long. Creating a mature game for Wii with shocking violence for the sake of it is just not enough.  

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