Trade in value?

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Does any one know the approximate trade in value of MAG as of now?  I'm just curious and am wondering if anyone knows...

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Are you not enjoying it? Anyways, it depends on how well it has sold so far. If there has been sold many copies since release I guess you can get a pretty alright trade-in value. But I dont think it has done very well. That is just speculations of course.

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Im gonna say $20, seems to be the going rate for a gamestop gives to new games that aren't huge name titles. However, i haven't traded in a game since the original xbox so it might be a little more now that games are $60.

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#4 Edited by handlas (3185 posts) - has it listed as being 19.50 trade-in value for gamestop.  Plus they have the 50% extra trade-in until the 14th.  So that's about....30 bucks.  Not too says it is worth 33 for Amazon but if you are lazy like me, I don't want to have to go out and package it up and ship it off.
I looked up Heavy Rain because I wanted to sell it and they are only offering 25 for it.  It just fucking came out and only 25!  Lame.

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Thanks for the info guys.  I just haven't been enjoying the game very much (and BC2 just came out so I'll be playing that a lot) and might end up selling it...

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#6 Posted by BoFooQ (997 posts) -

anything once you open you lose half the value.  so if you cand get 25-30 dollars for any game on trade that's the best you can hope for.
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#7 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

20 dollars or so its been a long enough time its no longer 30-35.

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