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Magic Lanterns is a casual puzzle game by Boomzap, where you have to click on a group of lanterns to clear them. The lanterns in most game modes refill the screen, so when lanterns are cleared, there are new ones. The more lanterns you clear, the higher your score. The goal of the game is to score the highest in each level!

The game has different game modes, which has different mechanics:

Lantern Quest - this is the story mode where a young girl, Hana, will tour you around different lantern festivals in Japan. In each level you will have to fill up a bar by clearing out lanterns, within a limited number of moves.

Perfect Mode - this is like a quickplay version of the game. You fill up a bar by clearing out lanterns, within a limited number of moves.

Panic Mode - this is a timed game mode, where you get more time as you click on more groups of lanterns.

Puzzle Mode - in this mode, you have to clear a whole room of lanterns. However, like every puzzle, there is a correct way to do it.


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