Any lasting appeal?

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Hey guys, 
have any of you played long enough to tell if there is any character progression or anything else to do after completing the 13 levels or if you're simply "done"? 
Also, I presume the levels are fixed and not auto-generated or anything? 
I'm fully aware that a couple hours' fun for this price is an acceptable value proposition, but I'd still like to know. 
Cheers :)

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There is no character progression except the acquisition of new Magicks in the Adventure mode. The levels are fixed. The levels area also pretty long, so that "a couple hours" is considerably less than you would require to finish it. I'd wager it'd probably take around five hours minimum to finish the campaign. However the Challenge mode is SURPRISNGLY AWESOME. It's pretty much your basic arena mode with waves of monsters from throughout the campaign, but it gives you random Magicks and weapons/staffs along the way, which are widely varied in what they do, such that AWESOME SHIT can happen. Such as rolling around killing dozens of goblins with an M60 while casting BLACK FUCKING HOLES offhand to eat dozens more.  
As long as you have a friend or two to play it with, it's WELL worth the $10. Keep in mind the PC version is a tad buggy right now, but the developers are scrambling to improve it with SIGNIFICANT daily patches. I'd still recommend the PC version for mouse and keyboard though. I hear the controller configuration uses quarter circles to cast specific elements, and while that sounds kinda cool, I can tap out qrsqreqr much faster than I can do eight quarter circles. And it definitely matters.

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Thanks, sounds cool :) I'm not so much bothered by the 10$ "investment"; it's just that a game that can be finished in one or two sittings (which would be the case with a 5h campaign) isn't worth the hassle that is involved with getting the ppl I want to play with online and into the same game at the same time. The challenge mode might very well offset that. 

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I've spent more than 5 hours playing it already in Adventure with two friends.  We've started over once, and only gotten to Ch7 of the 13.  I think the Adventure mode will be fun to replay just for the challenge it offers.  But the arena modes are lots of fun too.  For $10 you'll easily get your money's.  Easily.  It's also genuinely hilarious, which alone makes it worth the price of admission.  Unless you don't know pop culture references for fantasy & sci-fi...then you may not catch all the references.   
They have things dating back as far as Lord of the Rings, Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail, & Star Wars to recent movies and fantasy fiction from recent games like WoW and others.  Truly genius writing at times with laugh out loud moments.  It's a lot like Family Guy in the way it parodies things.  Even if you play for 10 hours, that's $1 for'd be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck this month.   And it won't be a hassle to get friends to play once they see it in action.   The spell system is ingenious as well, and I hope to see it stolen for MMO's in the future.  Much more active casting than just taping a button, that actually makes sense.

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If you buy it on direct2drive now with the coupon code "wetkitty" you can get the game for $8. The key they give you works on steam too.

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