Any Magicka DLC worth getting?

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#1 Posted by MrOldboy (1048 posts) -

Bunch of dlc for Magicka. Curious if anything is worth it. note: greenmangaming has them for 60% off today, hence why I ask

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#2 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

They're pretty great in terms of adding new wizards to play with, and the vietnam one is a really funny scenario.

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#3 Posted by Ewy (60 posts) -

I started ordering them, then realised that It was basically the same order as descending prince. Stars are Left and Vietnam are the ones to get. If you go for a robe bundle I would suggest the party robes over the gamer robes, if only because I think the rogue robe is neat. Unless you are really into challenge/versus then leave the Halloween and Christmas item packs. Anything that gets you more robes is a good thing, so if you want a challenge map take Final Frontier. Oh hell, this is basically a list already, so I'd go:

  1. Stars are Left
  2. Vietnam
  3. Final Frontier
  4. Party Robes
  5. Gamer Robes
  6. Marshlands
  7. Watch Tower
  8. Frozen Lake
  9. Nippon
  10. Item packs (Not tried either enough to say which is better)
  11. Wizards Survival Kit (With the other robes, you would never use this one)
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#4 Posted by JCTango (1500 posts) -

@MikkaQ: @Ewy: How about Other Side of the Coin? It was on sale on steam for a short while until the sale was yanked.

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