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While I like the new DLC setting & adding some new things to the game. I find that the lack of a checkpoint system & even more I find that the gun kickback quite disproportional. It seems that when I shoot anything it might keep it from moving forward while if I get shot by anything I get knocked over unless it's from a larger enemy with a gun which knocks me all the way back (ie. when in the first village with prisoners I couldn't even see the large troll at first but it knocked me across the map to the beginning area in one hit). With the inclusion of things shooting you, the DLC is devolved back to some of those other early console/pc games where you just are looking at an empty screen shooting at everything off screen & if you haven't found the monster spawning huts yet, this can go on forever as the guns don't seem to have any range limits on the opponents off screen.
Also seems that the m60, which you can pick up off the soldiers at the start if they die, is still quite better than most of the other guns I've seen so far in the game though not able to finish so far.
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It's stupid hard since this DLC turns all enemies into ranged units, making close range spells more or less useless. Knockback is caused when you cast the shield spell on yourself and is hit with bullets. Placing shields on the ground is the only real defense you can use against gunfire.

I quite like the difficulty curve, though. Makes me rethink the strategy of the spells and weapons.

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