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Just thought I'd post my initial thoughts about Magicka. Played a couple of hours of it now. If you like spellcasting, just go get this game right now. This thing is pure genius. You combine different elements to create your own spells. Rock, Shield and Water, for example, creates a rain cloud. Once your enemies are drenched, do an Arcane + Lightning to cast a beam of electricity on your wet targets for extra damage. I feel I'm only scratching the surface of this game so far. The combos and spells offer a depth I've never seen in any other game. Yes, the spells are tricky to remember at times, especially the longer combos (fire earth shield fire earth is the sequence for a wall of tiny vulcanos) but that only seems fair. After all, casting spells is a tricky matter.
I have instant love for this game. The humor is funny as hell also. Especially if you're from one of the scandinavian countries. There's a sort of simlish language in this game, and it's got some recognizeable words from the norwegian/swedish/danish languages. Absolutely hilarious. 
I might make a full review of this in a couple of days, as I'm unsure of how many will actually bother playing this and/or reviewing it. It's featured on the main page in steam right now, so it might actually sell a few copies. 
10€ right now, and it puts any action RPG combat system to shame.

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