Solo play any good?

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Is this game all about co-perative play or is it also enjoyable when going solo?

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#2 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) - better be, because I got a hunch it will be hard to find games in the coming month or two.

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#3 Posted by Driadon (3215 posts) -

I have yet to play co-op and am enjoying the game. 
It's by no means a "must have other people" kind of game.

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#4 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

It's kinda bad SP.

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#5 Posted by Dingofighter (1875 posts) -

The gameplay is something I see would be quite a lot better with more people, if only because of the chaos that I assume will ensue. 
I've only played it solo so far, but the humor is something that is excellent no matter if you are alone, though the fact that I'm swedish might make it even more funny... 
I think it's one of those games that is better with more people, because of the random chaos, but it's still good even if you play by yourself. 

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#6 Posted by TheHT (14311 posts) -

it's definitely challenging at parts where there's a bunch of enemies and little old you. i spawned those ents whenever i could and when i learned the raise dead and summon elemental spells would use those often to get my back.
still really, really fun though.

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#7 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6117 posts) -

Well,its like Borderlands its better with more people playing it,but can also be fun solo.

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Nothing "wrong" with the game, although the text usually does say "the Wizards traveled to Morgondor". Not that that matters much obviously. 
Main problem is just in the difficulty, you have a resurrection spell that you can pop off instantly but with no mates you'd have noone to use it on.

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#9 Posted by FLStyle (6256 posts) -

It's too hard for me, I can't get past chapter 3. A ton of big charging dudes keep hitting me in the air like an infinite juggle in a beat-em up. Can't cast anything, can't do anything.

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#10 Posted by TheHT (14311 posts) -
@FLStyle: yeah it can be pretty rough in spots. gotta manage freezing dudes and shields. also helps alot to make arcane mines that send dudes SOARING.
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#11 Posted by fox01313 (5205 posts) -

Up until ch5 single player is fun, ch5 is just hell. Between Khan & all the army you fight beforehand I'd be finding it next to impossible without the tree army (from the staff) & time warp. Without those two things I can't see how to get past that level.

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