this game was made for me?

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Ok so i played the free steam weekend, and i loved what I played. It felt like true puzzle solving, because there is no obvious answer, nor is it super easy. The thing that blew me over was that the achievements on steam are very much dragonball references. I think this game was made for me.

So, question for you all. What game did you play and feel like the game was made specifically for you?

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The game of Life.

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@Kaiserreich said:

The game of Life.

I am more a fan of monopoly

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Bastion felt like it was made for me, but I imagine that's true of a lot of people because it's just a really complete game.

It tells an interesting story if you dig around a little bit, and avoids lengthy cutscenes. And instead of going the Mass Effect 3 codex route, instead you just bits of pieces; universes are always more interesting when there are a lot of blanks left to fill in, like the original Star Wars trilogy. I really like that.

The gameplay is cool, and the weapons all have rad names and were the signature weapons/tools of various factions, and for some reason that always appeals to me. There was a Magic: The Gathering set where the setting took place in a huge city with these 10 guilds that were all well defined, and I liked that a lot too.

And the weapon upgrades were the kind I like, where you have to make an interesting tradeoff each time (the new XCOM does this as well, though I don't think XCOM balanced them quite as well). The upgrades were interesting because they really make you think about how you want to use each weapon and what role they're going to fill.

Lastly, the game had pretty good challenge rooms, and the difficulty was just right as long as you prepared for them properly. That they were also a source of some really cool backstory on the characters was icing on the cake.

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