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National Pokedex No: #129 
Type: Water 
Found in: All Regions 
Evolves at: Level 20 

Evolutionary Chain 

Magikarp (Level 20)--> Gyarados 


  • Magikarp is considered the weakest Pokémon in existence. Magikarp starts with only one move, Splash, which does absolutely nothing. It is not until level 15 that Magikarp learns its first useful move, Tackle. Magikarp's small moveset, low stats, and inability to learn additonal moves through TMs and HMs make it a poor choice for battles. 
  • Although Magikarp itself is extremely weak, it evolves into the much stronger Gyarados at level 20.
  • Hint have Magikarp be your first pokemon, then switch him out once the battle starts. 

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