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    Magmoor Caverns

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    Magmoor Caverns is a predominately underground section of Tallon IV, featured in Metroid Prime.

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    Magmoor Caverns is an area that appears in the game Metroid Prime, on the planet Tallon IV. It is a mostly underground level, filled with flowing lava, imposing stalactites, and heat-hardened enemies. Due to the extreme temperatures, Samus needs to have the Varia Suit before she can venture here. Even with the Varia Suit though, you will still be harmed by the lava that flows in Magmoor's winding, narrow corridors. Aside from the Impact Crater, it is geographically located between all of the places Samus visits. It is also connected to all of these areas (save the Impact Crater), and must be traveled through to reach Phendrana Drifts. This means that the player will visit this level, many times just to pass through.

    Indigenous creatures


    -The namesake of the level, Magmoors are fire-breathing serpents that thrive in the extreme heat found in the caverns. They are sightless, instead using sonar to navigate the lava that they live in. They are also said to have a good sense of smell. Magmoors are only seen when they rise out of the lava to attack their prey. It is said that they are able to store lava, and their main attack is to shoot powerful blasts of fire. Their skin is nearly impenetrable, but the need to cool down the brain leaves its head as a weak point. Firing a missile or charged shot will stop their attacks, and sometimes destroy the head altogether. Using the Ice Beam also has an effect, though only the head is frozen.

    Puddle Spore
    Puddle Spore
    Puddle Spore

    -A mollusk that calls the lava its home. It has an impenetrable shell, and is said to have a pungent smell. Puddle Spores cannot be killed. When approached it opens, showing as much ferocity as it can. Shooting it then will cause it to clam up and flip over, turning into a perfect stepping stone. Letting it shut is not advisable, as when this happens, it will release harmful energy globules.  It may be related to some other enemies in Metroid history...


    -A hard-shelled hunter/gatherer with powerful jaws. These small creatures typically wander around morph-ball areas, picking up food and other things and moving them to other places. The jaws of a Triclops are inescapable. If grabbed, you will be carried back to the entrance of the area and spat out. Laying a bomb just before you are grabbed, and they will eat that instead.


    -A sub-volcanic creature with a tough exterior. Their brown shells are hard enough to fend off most attacks. Their red eyes scan the area for food. They are also a potential cousin to the Geemer. Harmless, they are destroyed with a missile blast.

    Other creatures


    - Small parasites that live underground. These creatures are identified by moving lumps in the ground. When approached, they will jump out of the ground and spit acid at their enemies. When they jump out, it's time to shoot.


    -Small floating organisms that emit bursts of toxic gas. They float around in search of food. Puffers are unstable, as when touched or destroyed, they explode, sending toxic gas outward. This gas is designed to take their attackers down with them, which is why take down at a distance is advisable.

    Due to Phazon exposure, a mutant strain of Puffer developed. Known as Plated Puffers, these creatures are similar to regular ones, the difference being plated skin.


    -Territorial ceiling dwellers, Shriekbats are a cousin to the Skree species, which is found on the planet Zebes. Having a high internal temperature, they are spotted easily with the Thermal Visor. If anyone gets too close or interferes with their search for prey, the Shriekbat will dive bomb them. There is also an Ice variety, residing in Phendrana Drifts.


    Native to Tallon IV, Parasites are found almost anywhere. They usually travel in swarms to overwhelm any potential prey. They are quite harmless though, destroyed with one shot of the power beam. They also come in a Plated variety, usually found near Morph Ball tracks, and only vulnerable to stronger weapons, such as morph ball bombs. Lastly, there is also an Ice variety, which has adapted to cold temperatures. It is this resistance that led to them being experimented on with Phazon by the space pirates.

    Items and Power-Ups


    Energy Tanks - 2, in Transport Tunnel A, and Magmoor Workstation
    Missile Expansions - 3, in the Storage Cavern, Triclops Pit, and Fiery Shores
    Power Bomb Expansion - 1, in the Warrior Shrine

    Artifacts and Lore

    Strength - In the Warrior Shrine, held by a Chozo
    Nature - Inside a pillar in the Lava Lake

    Power Ups

    Plasma Beam - A beam with a short range yet much power. Can set foes on fire, and melt cracked ice. Found in the Plasma Processing area of the Caverns.
    Ice Spreader - Beam combo that sends out a sheet of ice. Uses 10 missiles each time. Found in the Shore Tunnel.

    Style and Trivia

    -Magmoor Caverns is the only level in Metroid Prime not to have a boss.
    -There is no Chozo Lore in this level, meaning that the Chozo may have seen Magmoor Caverns as unfit to house their knowledge.
    -A remix of the "Norfair Ancient Ruins Area" theme from Super Metroid is playing in this level.

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