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    Magmortar is the evolved form of Magmar. Magmar evolves into Magmortar when it is traded while holding a Magmarizer.

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    National Pokedex No : #467
    Classification: Blast Pokémon
    Type: Fire
    Ability: Flame Body
    Height : 5'03''
    Weight : 149.9 lbs
    Evolves at : n/a     
    From the end of it arms it can blast fireballs over 3,600 degrees F. It can be found on the deep, boiling-hot crater of volcanoes. 

    Evolutionary Line 

    Magmortar it the evolved form of Magmar how evolves when traded holding a Magmarizer, Magmar is the evolved form of Magby that evolves starting at level 30.

    Pokedex Entry

    Diamond/Pearl: It blast fireballs of over 3,600 degrees F from the end of its arms. It lives in volcanic craters. 
    Platinum: When lunching 3,600 degrees F fireballs, its body takes on a whitish hue from the intense heat. 
    HeartGold/SoulSilver: It blasts fireballs of over 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit out of its arms. Its breath also sears and sizzles.

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